Brain-Integrated Color Filtering

When i just started s an artist or designer, I've read about interesting exercise which helps to memorize colors.
You look at the object and try to find objects of the same color around you. Having practiced that in a while has given me good results, i became able to pick color of objects more correctly, and memorize color of my surroundings more precise. After a year i tried to practice it once more, and to my surprise it worked differently, i looked at an object, and by brain instantly flashed oll objects of the same color, like i was looking at b/w photo with only one non-gray color left(like color accentuation), but surroundings were still colored.

And that give me a thought, in the game, one kind of objects must be of the same color, and it should be distinguishable from other colors of the world, otherwise, if they differ very little, in color the begin to melt with environment and became indistinguishable.

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