Tonal Splitting

So i was watching robocop-3 and stumblead upon one of the greatest shots whch apear too rarely(one wass in the lexx season 4) so i decided to analyze it. here's a recipe for a good shot. using levels you can easily apply it to your photos and etc.

For better workflow: first compress the input to clip off empty tone areas, and then shift it on the output.



drawn in some trans. i wanted to draw candle light but draw this


TODO: talk about detail scale brush scale and scattering.
also: polarized brush: smoothing along single line and cloning it in perpendicular direction shuould be asesome.



[please attach some photos here]
the color of vignette is the color of inner power
the color of the main picture is the color of energy in the world.
the colot of the glare is the color to which subject is most sensitive, usually it is opposed to inner power.



Terrada. photocomposition. all photos shot by myself.
Copyright Omnispark 3.Nov.2012


Shape Inversion

[please draw pleasant picture]
for inversion leading shape is needed.