Heightmap Tricks and Tips

So finally at last let's make a hot start. First tip - Curves and Gradients.
It's well, self-explanatory. Since gradient is lenear, curve is linear, adjusting curves we adjust the gradient, which is heightmap.
Another handy tool for creating sets of mountains is Shape Burst Stroke:

This all is suitable for creating base of your heightmap. But not enough for good heightmap.
And here goes all tools you'll need: Finger, Layers and Blendmodes.
You muust note to yourself Finger in Lighten and Darken modes , it is probably the most usefull tool for heightmap creation, you can with it shift masses of your landscape, create sand dunes, snow crowns, etc.
Using layers you can add details, and here Overlay blendmode comes in, adjusting it's Fill % you can regulate amount of displace. Sorry for no pictuures there, you have to try it yourself - it's the best way to get the idea.
Here's example of heightmap created via these methods, it took couple of minutes whole result was completely controllable.

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Great example and simple-to-use feature. Thanks!