Color depth increases.

So, today ive seen some marvelous show in the sky, photos later.
What's more important it made me stumble upon some interesting discovery.
Shrinking down an image blends adjacent pixels. if enoug color depth is supplied at the time of shrinking, information about color will be intensified.
A simple example:
1. create 1024x1024x8bpc(bit per channel)
2. create gray gradient filling all image like 192-255, to see the effect of posterisation. Such things always happen but on more small scale.(make sure dither is off)
3. convert image to 16bpc. nothing changes still.
4. Now, shrink it down to 256. you will now have some information appered from blending between the lines,
5. use auto levels.
Of course result is crude, but, on smaller scales it will be supereffective!

(in this picure i used 32 bpc conversion)
Conclusions. that leads to the interesting work-flow tip:
Any curve and color manipulations must be made AFTER shrinking image to its final size, thus allowing more color aquiring.
Also, such resizing technique greatly deals with noise, much better than ordinary shrinking.

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