Bubble Theory

I am longly tortued by the question who should i become, which field of knoledge to choose, and what to do in life and everything.
This morning all the stuff compiled in my head, giving birth to wonderful conception of bubbles. Which solves lots of problems.
(2d image is for purpose of readability only, we have more than 3 dimensions irl)

It actually doent matter what field of action/knowledge you will choose, you can always expand your field of view, in different directions, and even combine completely opposite fields, become multidimensional.

But there are two things you should avoid:
1. run in cicles changing field, this will lead you to nowhere.
2. Stay in the lowest field of ignorance, and run in circles. well that certainly leads you nowhere.

And there are two things you can and should do, at least one you can do always:
1. Move into one certain direction
2. Expand your vision, in any directions.
There are much more positive options than negative.
In such a vision of things you can no longer tell that some field of view is better than other, or that there is one  certainly right choice. Possibilities are always open. Even for crippled and incomplete people there are possibilities.

Some rush ahead at full speed and become stars that shine from their hights,
others move slowly and expand, becoming good planets.
Some are just stuck down and cant move, but they expand so vast, they can become buddhas, or something saint-like.
Teachers tend to memorize all the way from below to the upper levels, so they look like comets or smth.

You shouldnt accept this concept as something complete and absolute, because Real life is much more complex than that, but.. this makes things much more clearer.

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