Eye Sights

For long time i could not understand what is that people find in lots of pictures. now i see.
There are two kinds of eyesights:
1. Instanteous.
2. Wandering.

I think most of people usually use wandering type which makes eye to travel around picture and admire with details. Me was using instaneous, when eyes are focused in one point, or travel very fast along big distances to take lots of instant grasps.
Wandering eyesight can consume us and it's kinda oblivious.
Instaneous can "teleport" us into picture, make live it and feel it inner power, even if it was not in mind of painter.
But. Paintings done with only instant sight in mind can hardly be admired more than at a glance, and that caused me to fail.
Combine Instant and Wandering sights and Viola it would be awesome work!.

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