Rewriting the past. Effective way to deal with past traumas.

I think all of us have these momoents of the past that haunt us, reminding us about our failures, some are painfull, and mind can sometimes be caughtt with these memories. And probably most of such memories can be healed with present, or in present and hence seem incurable.
Thats not right. I found a way to stich these wounds so they would bleed less, and time is no helper here.
You need to delve into the past and rewrite it. yes, you need to find best solution to your injury in the past. When it's found, relive the situation using your solution, and rewrite it in your memory so that it was resolved in better way.
This also helps you to memorize the solution for problem and avoid such things in future, and also seals your psychological wound so that it will no longer bleed, or bleed much more less.
Of course this treatment is inapplicable to force major situations, it doesn't bring dead back alive, and doesn't washes our sorrows away. It is quite usable to correct mistakes we made in the past, where we had choice.

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