New monitor dell u2311h, and fast way to find dead pixels.

Dell u2311h bla bla bla, good monitor bla bla. Power button leaks blue light to screen. Insignificant.

And quick to the essence of the post!
I come up with fast way to find dead pixels.
Checker: 2x2 texture with black and white pixels, like chessboard 2x2.
you fill the image with this pattern. if pixel is dead it will not be white and you will easily spot black cross.
then invert image and repeat.
Also it is good idea to make such checker images for each channel.

Also there's interesting things coming up.
I was checknig gradient linearity, and to my surprise photoshop makes shitty gradients at 8-bit.
I switched to 16 bit, and it's a way better. Though what surprising here, is that u2311h is 6-bit a-frc, even not true 8 bit, but difference between 8 and 16 bit image processing in photoshop is very visible.
So, i'll stick to 16 bit.

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